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List of Employees  2675933, 2675935, Fax no- 0612 - 2675934                                                              email:
Sl. No Name of Employees  Designation Posted
1 Mr. R.S. Srivastav, I.R.S. Managing Director IDA Office,Patna
2 Mr. Rameshwar Singh  Director (Administration) IDA Office,Patna
3 Mr. Dharmdeo Chaudhary Director (Program Implementation) IDA Office,Patna
4 Mr.Sanjeev Kumar Finance Officer-cum-
I/C Director (Finance)
IDA Office,Patna
5 Mr. Sartendu Kumar Sr. Administrative Offcer IDA Office,Patna
6 Mr. Jay Bahadur Singh Executive Engineer (Technical) IDA Office,Patna
7 Mr. Dharmendra Kumar Executive Engineer (Technical) IDA Office,Patna
8 Mr. Sandeep Kumar Executive Engineer (Technical) IDA Office,Patna
9 Mr.Ajay Kumar  Public Relations Officer IDA Office,Patna
10 Mr. Rananjay Kumar Law Officer-cum-
Executive Officer (P.P.P.)
IDA Office,Patna
11 Mr. Arvind Kumar Procurement Officer-cum-
I/C Housekeeping  
IDA Office,Patna
12 Mr.Ramesh Gupta Accounts Officer IDA Office,Patna
13 Mr. Shashi Kant Dubey Assistant Engineer (Tech.) Gaya
14 Mr. Ramchandra Prasad Singh Assistant Engineer (Tech.) Rajgir/Chandi(Nalanda)
15 Mr. Atiqur Rahman Assistant Engineer (Tech.) Bameti/ Van Bhawan Patna
16 Md. Anwar Ali Assistant Engineer (Tech.) IDTR Aurangabad
17 Mr. Santosh Kumar Assistant Engineer (Tech.) Bettiah, Motihari, Sitamarhi/Disaster Mgt Dept. Patna
18 Mr. Manoj Kumar Assistant Engineer (Tech.) Bhagalpur, Araria, Purnia
19 Mr. Manoj Singh Assistant Engineer (Tech.) WDC, 3D Theatre, Patna/ Combined Agri. Bldg.Patna.
20 Mr. Dhananjay Kumar Assistant Engineer (Design)  IDA Office,Patna
21 Md. Habibullah Assistant Engineer (Tech.) IDA Office,Patna
22 Mr. Vimal Kumar Assistant Engineer (Tech.) Ara, Buxar, Bhabhua ,Rohtas 
23 Mr. Chandan Kumar Singh Assistant Engineer (Tech.) Comb Agr. Bldg. Patna
Construction of Road and Drain at Bihata, Patna/ I.D.A. Lab, Patna
24 Mr. Amit Kumar Assistant Engineer (Tech.) D.T.O. Gopalganj & D.T.O. Chapra
25 Mr. Tryakshar Assistant Engineer (Electrical) All Bihar Projects
26 Mr. Ajit Kumar Junior Engineer (Technical) IDA Office,Patna
27 Mr. Ajeet Choudhary Junior Engineer (Technical) IDA Office,Patna
28 Mr. Mukesh Kumar Junior Engineer (Technical) M.D. Cell
29 Mr. Prashant Kumar Junior Engineer (Technical) IDA Office,Patna
(P.I. Cell)
30 Mr. Dipu Kumar Junior Engineer (Electrical) Rajgir/Chandi/Patna/ Bhabhua/ Aurangabad/Bameti/ Hajipur
31 Mr.Anil kumar Mehta Junior Engineer (Electrical) Patna/ Bihata/ Aurangabad/ Darbhanga / Purnia/ Gopalganj/ Chapra
32 Mrs. Rukmani Kumari Jr. Engineer (Architecture) IDA Office,Patna
33 Mr. Nilesh Kumar Junior Engineer (Civil) Gaya/ Sitamarhi
34 Mr.Satish Prasad Junior Engineer (Civil) Combined Agri.Bldg/ Indo Danish Tool Room. Patna/ Bihata
35 Mr. Hari Shanker Jha Junior Engineer (Civil) Motihari, Chapra, Patna
36 Mr. Ajay Kr.Upadhayay Junior Engineer (Civil) D.T.O.Bhabhua
37 Mr. Abinash Kumar Junior Engineer (Civil) Araria
38 Mr. Amit Devendra Singh Junior Engineer (Civil) Patna- Mithapur/Quality Control Lab, IDA
39 Mr. Deepak Kumar Das Junior Engineer (Civil) Banka, Jamui
40 Mr. Ravi Prakash Junior Engineer (Civil) Drain Project/ Patna
41 Mr.Sudhir Kumar Junior Engineer (Civil) Biharsharif /Nawada/Chandi
42 Sri Sharda Suman Junior Engineer (Civil) Punia, Bhagalpur
43 Sri Ajit Kumar  Junior Engineer (Civil) Bameti, Patna/ Drainage Patna
44 Mr. Jiwesh Kumar Singh Junior Engineer (Civil) Buxer and Arrah
45 Mr. Pankaj Mani Singh Junior Engineer (Civil) I.D.T.R. Patna/ Drainage Panta/I.D.A. Office Patna
46 Mr. Manoj Kumar Paswan Junior Engineer (Civil) Disaster Mgt. Department, Patna, Food Office Renovation, Patna
47 Mr. Pramod Kumar Junior Engineer (Civil) Van Bhawan, Patna, Hajipur
48 Mr. Santosh Kumar Srivastava Junior Engineer (Civil) Forest Guest House, Rajgir
49 Mr. Awadhesh Singh Junior Engineer (Civil) State Forest Trng Academy, Gaya
50 Mr. Sudhir Kumar Rajak Junior Engineer (Civil) Bihata
51 Mr. Syed Razi Ahmad Junior Engineer (Civil) Jamui
52 Mr. Narendra Kumar Junior Engineer (Civil) I.D.T.R. Aurangabad
53 Mr. Umakant Sinha Junior Engineer (Civil) Van Bhawan, Patna,/ W.D.C
54 Miss Shweta Kumari Accountant IDA Office,Patna
55 Mr. Patel Kumar Accountant IDA Office,Patna
56 Mr. Arun Kumar Accounts Assistant IDA Office,Patna
57 Mr. Navendu Mishra Accounts Assistant IDA Office,Patna
58 Mr. Satyajit Kumar Accounts Assistant IDA Office,Patna
59 Mr.Hari Shankar Verma Office Assistant (Administration)/ APIO IDA Office,Patna
60 Mr. Ravi Prakash Cashier IDA Office,Patna
61 Mrs. Preety Sahay Computer Programmer IDA Office,Patna
62 Mr. Birendra Choudhary Stenographer (Hindi) M.D. Cell
63 Mr. Pankaj Kumar Stenographer (Hindi) IDA Office,Patna
64 Mr. Tarun Kumar Stenographer (Hindi) IDA Office,Patna
65 Mr. Sonu Mishra Computer Operator IDA Office,Patna
66 Mr. Hrishikesh Pandey Amin/Surveyor IDA Office,Patna
67 Mr. Kamal Kishore Raut Peon (MD cell) IDA Office,Patna
68 Mr. Ramesh Prasad Singh Peon (MD cell) IDA Office,Patna


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